Planet of the Apes

News of Eddie McGuire’s on air brain fade for suggesting that an indigenous AFL superstar be used to promote the King Kong  movie has bewildered everyone on Planet Earth. And not just Earth. His mega gaff  has gone inter galactic and created quite a stir on the Planet of the Apes.

Comparisons to humans have outraged many in the Ape kingdom. The Apes have gone…. well, they’ve gone completely ape shit at suggestions linking them to the human sub specie.

The Primates rallied to debunk the lineage myths of Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Theory. They concluded the Earthlings had a self destructive regressive mindset. Not the hallmarks of Intelligent beings.

The War of the Words will continue to divide. But Deeds shall unite.


Footy Flashback

Offensive behaviour. 2013 style..
And we thought the days of the Stab Pass and Dropkick were over.

Stabbed Don

Behavioural Finance

We suffer more when we go from a better to worse situation than we enjoy when we go from a worse to a better situation”

Source: Behavioural Finance discussion on Radio National 4th April 2013

Make a Wish Foundation

I’ve just written to Make a Wish Foundation asking they help our Prime Minister carry herself in a more dignified, statesman like way.

Specifically, I wished for :

1/ No More Tears
2/ No More Trips and Falls

They sent me a Bottle of Shampoo and a note that said I was only allowed one wish. Otherwise they would’ve called themselves Make a Wishes Foundation.

So I wrote back  that No More Tears was a 2 in 1. They conceded on a technicality and granted my second wish.

They sent me a Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Claim Form