God Friday

Worship the day off. It’s a Holyday
It’s Easter and in the Christian church today is known as Good Friday
But what was Good about it?
The son of God was tortured and then crucified
In my book that’s a bad day

Yet in the name of Idolatry, imagery of a public execution is perceived as good
But when Jesus, the Son of God pulled a rabbit out of the hat and did a Harry Houdini by returning from the dead 3 days later, what honour was bestowed upon him?

Not a lot. The Resurrection or Easter Sunday as it’s known in the Christian calendar is commemorated with rabbits and chocolate.
And if that’s not bad enough, on his birthday, we remember that occasion with a fat bloke in a red suit flying through the night sky powered by 12 time travelling reindeer.

So speculation of the Messiah returning some day ends here. He won’t be making a comeback. Why would he after his last trip?

No matter what you believe
For the pious..thank God for the Holyday
For everyone else..thank Goodness for the Holiday

Either way, it’s a day off work
It’s All Good


Divine Intervention

Cancer touches many lives
The Catholic Church touch more


Location East Melbourne
Despite being neighbours, these two institutions are worlds apart

We live in hope of a cure for cancer one day
Finding a cure for The Church will need a miracle