Sipping Expresso in Outer Space…but they forgot one thing

ISS ExpressoSo Jack and Jim went up to Space to see what they could find

planetBudge sources got a hold of the dialogue from the Space Station to Ground Control to report on the findings:


NASAcafe:  Where are the Coffee Beans?


NesCafe: Here at Ground Control

NASAcafe:  No good to us down there. Get Beans here ASAP


NesCafe: How?

NASAcafe: Waddaya mean how..How Long before you get em up here?


NesCafe: How Long is in Vietnam


NASAcafe: Don’t get cute with me Ground control. Just Bean them up


NesCafe: Like a giant Coffee Beanstalk?


NASAcafe: No not a Beanstalk…For fucks sake you little stick fiddler, get my beans teleported up here. We need our caffeine


NesCafe: Just to clarify, did you mean Beam instead of Bean?


NASAcafe: YES I MEAN BEAM NOT BEAN.. Now just Beam them up. This instant


NesCafe: On its way

NASAcafe: Received 1 bottle of Jim Beam. Thanks. Fuck the Expresso


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  1. Oh Bird you are a funny man

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