No more instant coffee for Astronauts
The International Space Station has it’s own expresso machine
NASA have dubbed it, the ISSpresso

and then planetBudge gets creative claiming Ground control back on Earth forgot to send the coffee beans with the expresso machine.
planetBudge sources got hold of the transcript dialogue between the Space Station (NASAcafe) and Ground Control (NesCafe) as they tried to figure out what went wrong

Sipping Expresso in Outer Space…but they forgot one thing

ISS ExpressoSo Jack and Jim went up to Space to see what they could find

NASAcafe:  Where are the Coffee Beans?

NesCafe: Here at Ground Control

NASAcafe:  No good to us down there.
Get Beans here ASAP

NesCafe: How?

NASAcafe: Waddaya mean how..How Long before you get em up here?

NesCafe: How Long is in Vietnam

NASAcafe: Don’t get cute with me Ground control. Just Bean them up

NesCafe: Like a giant Coffee Beanstalk?

NASAcafe: No not a Beanstalk…For fucks sake you little stick fiddler, get my beans teleported up here. We need our caffeine

NesCafe: Just to clarify, did you mean Beam instead of Bean?

NASAcafe: YES I MEAN BEAM NOT BEAN.. Now just Beam them up. This instant

NesCafe: On its way

NASAcafe: Received 1 bottle of Jim Beam. Thanks. Fuck the Expresso


Comedy, General

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  1. Oh Bird you are a funny man

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