The much maligned Malcolm Turnbull
I’ve been trying to align his image to one side of the page

Tried to align it to the Left. That came up Short

Tried to align Malcolm to the Middle. Still too Short.
That was an American Sitcom

Tried to align it to the Right. That was just Right
But he wanted it All Right and Right now

I couldn’t Justify it.
So I aligned his image to None

Not content playing a role in the peloton
Malcolm wanted to play his own game
This Man of Steal has no shame
He sent the Mad Monk peddling into the sunset

And now, in 2016, Malcolm is still on the Margins
On the edge of his Seat in a Divided House

Where you sit determines what you see
Australia is on the Margins

At least we’re all on the same page


Malcolm Turnbull

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