Welcome to planetBudge

    I am a Writer and Videographer unlike any other
     I create, capture and comment on all issues great and small
I know a little bit about a lot

                 My purpose is to educate and entertain
                   That’s the planetBudge mission 

There’s nothing beige here. I’m an independent and critical thinker, selectively gregarious, irreverent and subtle. I’m an astute observer of the world and it’s people. I’m part philosopher, part comedian, part professional, part writer, part boy, part man. Full human.

With a dry sense of humour and a creative spirit, my video storyboards and the written word bring another dimension to storytelling.
Transforming the humdrum of everyday routine into something else.

Sometimes odd, sometimes mischievous and sometimes informative, there’s always a story…….planetBudge is mine