Impromptu and unplanned, these 5 minute videos are about having a bit of fun
Not to be taken seriously

Keep the Grog Monster away with Carlton Zero

Neighbourhood Watchout : Halloween 2018

Work Rest and Play with Ed Nuff

Politically Incorrect with PlanetBudge

Drug lab or Soup Kitchen? Take a look

Melbourne. It’s one giant theme park

When a Magpie attacks, you gotta fight back

How many  cameras does one convenience store need?

Chris Judd wedding on NYE..biggest event of the year?

planetBudge promotes tourism

The psychology of fishing

Apple Mac or PC? Get a Mac and never look back

White Powder, Ice and Terror on the High Plains

This video doesn’t exist

On the Front Line with comedians

Bringing my brand of funny to the farm

Work Experience at a Brothel

Politically correct? Hardly

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