The Prince of Peptides

The Prince of Peptides, James Hird has done it again. See the Bombers fly up, up to 2nd place on the AFL ladder. Another win and they take another 4 points

And that’s not all they take. They take everything known to mankind. Animal, Mineral or Vegetable. Even if its partially known to mankind.  They’ll take it

But hats off to Jimmy. He’s dodged some heavy bullets thus far with a masterful play behind the scenes. Best game he’s ever played

James, you’re a man of Substance
Hird of Teflon. It’s not a question


Wake Up Australia


If you believe morality has a place in modern sport, you probably also believe Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. Get real Australia. Lift the ban on Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Allegations of widespread professional doping inside the AFL and NRL has left the nation shell shocked. There will be plenty of casualties in the battle that looms between administrators, regulators, law enforcement, players and club officials. Stephen Dank has already fired the first shot by launching a $10 million defamation lawsuit against various media outlets. A pre-emptive strike inspired by disgraced professional cyclist Lance Armstrong and his legal strategy being the best method of defence is offence.
But what I’ve found most alarming is the general publics reaction of shock and horror. They are genuinely surprised by these revelations at Essendon People are entitled to feel betrayed and gutted at the grim prospect of widespread doping practices within their sacred sport. But don’t be surprised. It’s simply naive to think elite sport people are clean.
Wake up Australia. 

Professional sport is NOT about providing role models for our children. That ship sailed long ago. It’s big business. It’s about highest scores, fastest times, world records and medals. It’s all about winning.

So why not give the green light to performance enhancing drugs?  Let athletes take whatever they like, so long as it’s not illicit. Illegal drugs are a different matter entirely. With doping bans lifted, who knows, we may get to witness Usain Bolt running 100 metres in under 5 seconds. Or the footy season could be extended to 52 weeks per year. It makes no sense for society to keep placing ever greater demands upon athletes for success yet take the moral high ground when a scandal like this erupts. We banish losers and celebrate winners. Winners are bathed in glory and wealth.  With such powerful forces motivating athletes to be “Simply the Best” surely people can’t be surprised that drugs are used to boost performance.
Wake up Australia.

Many will argue that allowing performance enhancing drugs is irresponsible and may reduce athlete life expectancy. And of course the old chestnut about the message this would send to our children. I’ll say it again, sport is about winning. It is NOT about being role models for our kids. It’s big business.
Wake up Australia. 

Performance enhancing drugs are here to stay. Governing bodies need to think through a new paradigm. Afterall, it was progressive thinking that decriminalised homosexual acts in Australia in 1969. So in less than one generation our laws have changed from it being a crime to being legally recognised. And two thousand years ago, the Romans used to feed Christians to hungry Lions.  Back then it was considered normal. Today our society is very different. Point being; we need policies and laws that are in step with modern day reality.

The sooner they lift all bans on performance enhancing drugs the better. And it will happen. It might not be in my lifetime but down the road, it’ll become a reality. So let’s start the discussion. Obviously there will be resistance as the many vested interests fight to justify their existence. Currently, the anti-doping agencies are locked in a cat and mouse game with those seeking to avoid detection. Careers are on the line. But lift the ban and the tables turn as the anti doping industry becomes redundant.

But until that day, get outraged, vent your spleen and then get over it. Drugs in sport are here to stay.
Wake up Australia. 


Racism and Adam Goades

Goad : To provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate an action or reaction

AFL sporting hero, two time Brownlow medalist and 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes has been widely condemned by football spectators for a couple of on field incidents most notably, a provocative war dance in front of the opposition cheer squad. Moreover, he has ignited again the destructive, regressive racism issue that we somehow just can’t get past.

Adam is a true champion however, his actions have unintentionally been divisive by highlighting the differences between us instead of the similarities we all share. Being human.

And on that score, Adam should stop Goading the public into a response. Play the game and leave the point scoring to the Umpires.

So where to from here for public relations at team Adam Goodes?

My advice to Adam is simple. Apologise. I know what some of you may be thinking. And you’re right, he shouldn’t have to but this isn’t an apology about skin colour. It’s an apology for an action as a man before other men and women. 

Get a press conference organised now and apologise for the war dance. Try to make it a light hearted affair pointing out the irony of the apology made by Kevin Rudd in 2007. Obviously, the magnitude and significance cannot be compared but if Adam wants to win back public support this is what he needs to do.

State your case, be proud of your heritage and speak to the reasons why you did it but acknowledge it was provocative and that in hindsight you would have chosen another course of action.

And you will be remembered for the right reasons and the AFL can be left to tackle the next big ticket issue staring them down. Homophobia.