Broken Voice

This is a Community Service Announcement

Joel Madden, frontman for band Good Charlotte and star of The Voice has hit the headlines for possession of a joint. But it was no Record Haul. No charges are likely given the woefully small amount of  Wacky Tobacci involved†¤….Gee, what a revelation. Drugs in the entertainment business!!……and at the other end of the spectrum we have a justice system that failed to protect Jill Meagher from a brutal murder by a savage on parole. Then the community erupts with outrage at the gross negligence of the legal system and demand answers so this travesty never happens again.

But you don’t need to look too far for answers. It’s us. We are to blame. We call the Police too quickly and too often for petty grievances or trivial matters. So instead of keeping killer rapists locked up, police resources are diverted into chasing down red neck racists having a rant on public transport.

Get vocal but Get Real. Use the Police resource wisely.
Think before you Dial.


†¤ Woefully small by Rock star standards