Thank God it’s Friday. But it’s no ordinary Friday. It’s Good Friday.

In the Christian calendar, Good Friday marks the beginning of Easter as we remember the day Jesus, the son of God was Murdered

First Tortured and then Crucified
That’s hardly a Good day in my book

At least he could hang out with Dad again
It’d been over 30 years since their last meeting
But his Superior and Disapproving Father promptly sent him back
To finish what he’d started

And so 3 days later Jesus made his comeback
He put his emotional needs to one side
This wasn’t about him. It was for us and all of our Sins

Jesus, the Son of God had pulled a rabbit out of the hat
By magically returning from the dead
Now that was impressive
But in celebrating and remembering his miraculous Resurrection
We celebrate with Rabbits and Chocolate

While I’m on the subject, how do you reckon Christians remember his Birthday?
With an old fat bloke dressed in a red suit flying through the night sky in an open sleigh powered by 12 time traveling reindeer

Any speculation of the Messiah returning some day ends here
He won’t be making another comeback

Why would he after his last trip?
Plus he’s got other worlds to save
We had our chance

No matter what you believe
For the pious..thank God for the Holyday
For everyone else..thank Goodness for the Holiday

Either way, it’s a day off work
It’s All Good


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